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Wakeboard Boat Review

Malibu‘s Wakesetter 22 VLX is completely redesigned from the 21 VLX, and the entire boat from bow to stern has been improved. From the interior to the redesigned hull, the 22 VLX is a wakeboard and wakesurf powerhouse with plenty of luxury features. You can’t set foot in the VLX without noticing the new dash. It’s got a 12-inch waterproof monitor on top that controls the boat’s primary functions and a secondary display to the side that’s perfect for music and maps. A joystick to the left lets you control Surf Gate, speed, audio volume and more with a hands-on interface that’s great for operating while running down the lake. Surf Gate is entirely controlled at the dash. This 22 foot hull has no problem churning out a really respectable wake with just plug n play ballast, and the convenience of not having to switch the weight from side to side is phenomenal. There’s also a horn system that tells you when the wave is going to switch so you can nail transfers every time; a huge boon over the competition’s surf systems. Presiding stoically over the lounge is the new G4 tower. The standard tower does the job, but not like the G4. Flush handles pop out to let the tower down on counterbalance, so it really doesn’t matter whether you’ve got four board racks and tower speakers or a bare tower, the G4 is going to be easy to let down. It’s also got built in LED lighting and it collapses low.


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