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Wakeboard Boat Review

The Axis A24 is the biggest boat in the line and it has performance to match. This no-frills wake boat has a lot to offer; first and foremost is Surf Gate. Axis works really well with the system and with a boat this size you don't want to be constantly switching weight from side to side all the time. Keep the boat evenly weighted and flip the toggle switch to one side or the other when you want a wave. It's that simple.

The A24 has plenty of interior space and it's used efficiently throughout with pop up seating, underseat vented storage, heaters, and a clean layout that lets you get as many people in there as possible. And finally, we can't talk about the A24 without mentioning its simple functionality. We can't say enough about how easy the boat is to use. The dash has toggle switches and analog gauges that are easy to monitor at a glance, and Zero Off is available in an integrated system that won't take an afternoon to figure out. It’s rare to find a big boat with wakeboard and surf performance to match, but the Axis A24 is the real deal.