2014 Tigé Z3 Review

January 11, 2014

Wakeboard Boat Review

For the past two years, the Tigé Boats‘ Z3 has served as the official towboat of Tigé’s MyWake Global Challenge, a competition that includes professional and amateur divisions in wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating. That means this 23-footer is capable of towing just about anything, making it a great fit for everyone from multisport families to advanced riders. And the Z3 has been improved for 2014 with more progressive styling and the available ConvexVX hull extension. ConvexVX takes the Z3’s wave from great to absolutely amazing. It’s a fiberglass wing that elongates the hull and makes the boat’s surf wave about a size class bigger. It also cleans up the turbulence from the platform, and it rides out of the water at higher speeds, so it doesn’t affect your wakeboard wakes. It’s definitely something to opt for if you plan on pushing your surfing behind the Z3. Tigé has prioritized style in its boats for a long time, and the Z3 showcases the signature lines, textures and accent colors that make a Tigé one of the best-looking boats on the market. Diamond stitching, a new gunmetal matte finish and textured vinyl take the Z3 to the next level of plush, ergonomic style. TigéTouch is one of our favorite inboard touch-screen systems. It’s simple to use, and it controls everything in your boat. Your lighting, speed control, ballast, wake-shaping device — everything is easily monitored and managed through TigéTouch, and it makes a day in the Z3 that much easier and more fun.

The Tigé Z3 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a traditional bow in a bigger size with Tigé’s signature style and one of the freshest hulls the company has to offer.


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