Moomba LSV 2009

September 13, 2009

Boat Review

With a wealth of standard features plus quality wake performance and a base price well under $40,000, the Moomba LSV packs serious value into a 21’6″ package. We found plenty to like inside and out, with wakes that can be fine-tuned with little effort and a wraparound lounge with stainless-steel accents.


• Dual-density foam for comfortable seating

• Interior gelcoat colors for deck


• Full wraparound lounge

• Standard 325 hp EFI engine

• Nonskid swim platform



** Highlight Feature**

We loved how the interior of our test boat was drenched in the red gelcoat that poured up and over from the hull. It’s a rich-looking feature on a budget-priced wakeboard boat.


For the surprising price, there’s nothing discount about the Moomba LSV hull. The drop keel is designed to build beefy wakes by sinking the boat deep in the water and displacing as much water as physics will allow. There might not be as many bells and whistles on board as some other wakeboard boats, but no corners were cut on hull design.



The 400-pound stock ballast package with a single bow bag will work for most wakeboarders, but that’s just a jumping off point for this model. With the optional upgrade that adds two 400-pound rear bags into the mix, the wakes will have plenty of room to grow for advanced-level wakeboarding.


Fold the beefy 2.375-inch tower down into the boat with the release of four hand-turned bolts. The optional stainless-steel wakeboard board racks free up room in the interior and storage compartments, but what really clears everything out is the optional Z5 Cargo Rack. We can’t say enough about it for pure functionality and plentiful shade.

Wake Shaper

A fixed-plate comes standard, but with the optional hydraulic wake plate, wakeboarders can fine-tune the Moomba LSV’s wakes to their liking.



Our wakeboard test boat came with just the 400-pound front ballast bag, so we only saw the seeds of potential with the Moomba LSV. At a line length of 65 feet and speed of 22 mph, we found our preferred wake width. They were a bit small and abrupt, but still rampy enough to pop. They mellowed out with the wake plate, and more ballast could make this wake into a real beaut.


Length w/o platform: 21’6″

Beam: 8’1″

People: 13

Dry weight: 3,300 lb.

Ballast: 400 lb.

Tower: Rad-a-Cage

Main lounge: 55 sq. ft.


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