MB Sports F21 Tomcat 2009


Think of the new MB Sports F21 Tomcat as a slightly smaller clone of the F23, MB Sports’ flagship pickle-fork wakeboard boat. After all, the MB Sports F21 was CAD-designed directly from the F23’s newly refined hull. But the two share more than just DNA. Like the F23, the MB Sports F21 sports MB’s new pump-free, gate-controlled ballast system; redesigned interior and exterior graphics; and ZeroOff GPS-based cruise control. Thanks to the new, collapsible Skylon Pro Series II tower, which helps this 21-foot wakeboard boat fit under a standard 7-foot-tall roof, it’s also a dream to store.


Telescoping Racks

One of the coolest options of our tests, these billet aluminum swivel racks feature telescoping arms that slide in and out to lock your wakeboards in place. Just push the quick-release button, slide out the arms and load your board. Then slide the arms back down for a secure hold.



Base MSRP: $60,300

People: 14

Dry weight: 3,900 lbs.


Fuel capacity: 64 gal.

Tower: Skylon Pro Series II

Racks: Skylon (swivel), (swivel, telescoping)*


Wake shaper: Electric trim plate


Length: 21 ft.

Width: 8 ft. 4 in.


Ballast: 1,800 lb. (two 900-pound center tanks)


Standard: PCM Excalibur 343 hp 5.7L V8

Test: PCM Excalibur 343 hp 5.7L V8

Test prop: 13.5 x 17 four-blade

Cruise: Zero Off

* = Optional


The MB Sports F21 wakes are crisp and clean with a well-defined lip at the peak, which gives you an extra boot for wake-to-wake moves. You can also charge the wake for moves into the flats, thanks to the long transitions. We found the wake to be just right at 75 feet and 24 mph.


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