Nautique Super Air 230 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

This is Correct Craft’s biggest wakeboard boat, so it of course gets our recommendation for the best Super Air Nautique to hang out in all weekend. With the convertible rear bench, there are up to six seats that face the rear. And with the transom stepover — placed uniquely right down the middle of the sun pad — the Super Air Nautique 230 is one of the easiest boats to have the good times spill over to the platform. Oh, and the Super Air Nautique 230 pulls the Wake Games, Nationals and Masters.

Hull: The design of this hull does what the other Air Nautique models do — create wakes that some of the biggest names in the sport ride behind. But the Super Air Nautique 230 does it on the widest beam in the Correct Craft lineup: 100.5 inches.

Ballast: As you flip through this guide, you may be surprised that for a 23-foot boat, the maximum ballast offered for the Super Air Nautique 230 is 791 pounds. And that ballast is optional. You’ll see other wakeboard boats around the full ton mark. At the Masters, yeah, they’ll load it up more. We usually would, too. But when we tested it with only the factory ballast system, the 230 showed performance good for most levels of wakeboarders.


Tower: Of course you can get the Flight Control Tower that Correct Craft patented as a groundbreaking design that changed wakeboarding. But this year, there’s also a new polished stainless-steel Titan wakeboard tower that we can’t stop thinking about. Polished is the key, style wise.

Wake shaper: The SportShift that operates the Hydro-Gate is easy enough to use — just park it at 1 for the day. All the way up, the gate lets the hull’s dispersion tunnel do its thing, lower the stern, increase the displacement and define the wakes.

Highlight feature: The Team Edition. Correct Craft says the vast majority of buyers get this package of options. How could you not? It includes the essentials of ballast, wakeboard tower and stereo as well as features like the new Zero-Off speed control that we loved in our test runs.


The wake: Looks can be deceiving. When we were taking the wake photo on the opposite page, we thought the Super Air Nautique 230’s wake looked a little smaller than expected from the boat. But once our test riders started their session, they were surprised at the size and shape with the 791-pound ballast. Enough ramp, plenty of transition, lots of appeal.

What We Dig

-Super-low dash for ideal visibility

-Side seat backs to face the action


-Convertible rear bench

-Center transom walkover, stylish steps

-Self-draining cooler tucked in the transom



Length w/o platform: 22’2”

Beam: 8’5

People: 14

Dry weight: 4,300 lb.

Ballast*: 791 lb. total

Tower*: Flight Control Tower

Racks*: Swivel wakeboard racks

Wake shaper: Hydro-Gate

Main lounge: 63 sq. ft.

Stereo*: Clarion deck, Polk/MOMO speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready

Fuel: 51 gal.

Trailer*: single/tandem axle



Standard: PCM Power Plus Vee 5.7L, 343 hp

Test: PCM ZR-6 6.0L, 375 hp

Test prop: Acme 14.5×14.25 four-blade

Cruise: Nautique Cruise; Zero-Off optional


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