Nautique Super Air 210 2008

January 1, 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Super Air Nautique 210 wakeboard boat by Correct Craft has a long history in wakeboarding, but this version is entering only its second model year. Last year’s changes included a wider beam for enhanced interior room. And Correct Craft is never done with enhancements, including this year’s new convertible stern seat, Titan tower choice and Zero-Off speed control.

Hull: Modifications to this running surface last year created a more approachable wake for less-experienced riders. Manufactured in Correct Craft’s brand-new factory, this hull features inside and out sports-precision craftsmanship.

Ballast: Nautiques aren’t big on ballast, literally. It doesn’t come standard, though many boats are sold with it in the Team Edition (a must-have package, in our opinion). And while the 773-pound three-tank system ranks among the biggest capacities in the Air lineup, it’s not an eye-popping number. That said, we admit, as advanced wakeboarders, we’re much hungrier for ballast than most wakeboarders, who will get a lot out of this system, especially in a 21-foot wakeboard boat.


Tower: Nautique is famous for its patented, pioneering Flight Control Tower. But this year comes a new Titan wakeboard tower option of polished stainless steel and an easy-to-fold-down design. And we loved the new solid spinner wakeboard racks.

Wake shaper: The company’s Hydro-Gate works with the dispersion tunnel of the hull to adjust the boat’s running attitude. At the 1 setting with the gate up, the stern rides deeper to create better peaks. We usually didn’t take it much past the 2 setting.

Highlight feature: This year’s new convertible stern seat is one of the most versatile we’ve seen. It starts as the traditional seat that slides out, rearranges and becomes a rear-facing bench. But it also flips down to reveal a nonskid back and four cup holders — great for climbing into the lounge.


The wake: At its sweet spot, about 65 feet, the Super Air Nautique 210’s wake has long, approachable ramps for beginners up to advanced wakeboarders. If you were used to the old Super Air Nautique 210 that had a lot of straight-up pop but challenged newbies with its steepness, it’s time to test ride this Super Air Nautique 210.

What We Dig

-Lots of contours, cup holders in the bow

-Cooler access in the walk-through


-Super low dash for terrific visibility

-Flight Control or Titan tower

-Neoclassic family crest graphics



Length w/o platform: 21’

Beam: 8’2”

People: 10

Dry weight: 3,800 lb.

Ballast*: 773 lb. total

Tower*: Flight Control Tower

Racks*: Swivel wakeboard racks

Wake shaper: Hydro-Gate

Main lounge: 56 sq. ft.

Stereo*: Clarion deck, Polk/MOMO speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready

Fuel: 40 gal.

Trailer*: Single/tandem axle



Standard: PCM Power Plus Vee 5.7L, 343 hp

Test: PCM ZR-6 6.0L, 390 hp

Test prop: Acme 13.5×14.25 four-blade

Cruise: Nautique Cruise; Zero-Off optional


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