MasterCraft X-2 2006

January 2, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

You know a MasterCraft design guy must have been thinking about what to do for ’06 and said, “Dude, let’s shrink the X-Star!” A few thousand pounds of fiberglass later, you get the all-new MasterCraft X-2. It’s the 20-foot version of the wakeboarding flagship. The vibe and a lot of the design stayed the same, but the MasterCraft X-2 is more maneuverable and manageable. Smaller package, still big performance.

Forked bow


Super wide. It seats two or three people across facing the rear, which seems impossible in a wakeboard boat this size.

Ballast system

Monitor the 650 pounds of stock ballast weight capacity with the gauge in the very cool X-Pod dash.



It’s same Zero Flex Flyer tower as the other X-series wakeboard boat models, with standard racks. Beefy and sturdy.

Wake Shape


True to its X-Star big bro, the MasterCraft X-2 puts out wakes with great shape. The ramps work for all levels of riders. Up to intermediate riders, the factory ballast will be plenty, though wakes can go bigger for the advanced people. A little bit of trough gets less and less when you take the rope out to 70, 75 feet for the sweet spot. It’s a 20-footer with a 94-inch beam, but still, a rider can’t sway it side to side when cutting back and forth. The tracking is that solid.


Length 20 ft. Beam 94 in.


Seating capacity 11

Fuel capacity 45 gal.

Test prop OJ 13.7 x 17.4 4-blade

Test engine: Indmar RTP-1 5.7L, 310 hp

Top speed: 42.8 mph 5,100 rpm

Accel. to 30 mph: 6.2 sec.151.6 ft.

Accel. to 36 mph: 8.4 sec. 259.2 ft.

Noise Levels (db) Neutral 59 D 60 R, 36 mph 86 D 90 R


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