MB Sports B52 V 2006

January 1, 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

The MB Sports B52 V announces its presence in a way that wakeboarders won’t be able to resist. The unique in-the-gelcoat flame graphics scream across the side of the wakeboard boat and throughout the interior, while the wakes behind the boat rival those of the pros. Between the in-your-face style on the outside and pro-level performance behind it, the MB Sports B52 V is out to turn some heads. Our bet is that it will.



With its factory ballast loaded to full capacity (1,600 pounds), the MB Sports B52 V generates impressive wakes that will satisfy near-advanced wakeboarders. The clearly defined lips are perfect for grabby, floaty moves and a range of spins.


Much like the entire MB Sports lineup of high-performance water-sports tow vehicles, the B52 V doesn’t disappoint in the handling category. Outfitted with the optional PCM ZR6 375-horsepower engine, this boat recorded impressive numbers in top speed and acceleration to 36 mph. Not only is this boat agile, it also offers an extremely quiet ride that is jolt-free.



The wraparound bench and open-bow seating feature remarkably thick upholstery complete with flame graphics, and the newly upgraded bucket driver’s seat provides optimal comfort and visibility. There’s also impressively spacious storage in the rear electronic storage hatch.



Base price: $53,285

Length: 22 ft.

Beam: 96 in.


Seating capacity: 10

Fuel capacity: 45 gal.

Test Prop: Acme 13.5 x 17 4-blade

Test Engine: PCM ZR6 6.0L, 375 hp

Top Speed: 47.2 mph 5,350 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph: 5.4 sec. 126.3 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph: 6.7 sec. 191.1 ft.

Noise Levels (db): Neutral 60 D 63 R, 36 mph 85 D 89 R


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