MasterCraft X-Star PWT Edition

If ever there was a chance for the average Joe Wakeboarder to get the jump on the pros, this is it. This new special edition will be available to the public months before Rusty Malinoski and company ever get a crack at it in a 2007 PWT event. And oh, what a jump-start this will be. The PWT edition is overflowing with special features--everything from a custom decal kit and black-frame windshield to a custom trailer with 18-inch chrome rims. Our suggestion: revel in it.

HULL: Sure, the PWT edition looks different, but make no mistake, these are the same tried-and-true X-Star wakes that for four years have been booting the world's best riders in events like the Pro Wakeboard Tour, the X Games and Parks' Double or Nothing. They're also the same wakes that last September propelled Malinoski to wakeboarding glory when he landed only the third 1080 ever documented. So what makes these wakes so great? MasterCraft engineers say it's the step-in at the transom and a draft that plunges nearly as deep as the 28-foot X-80's. These features yield epic water displacement and a very tall wake that's not too wide, despite the boat's passenger-friendly 100-inch beam. So even if the PWT Edition isn't recognizable at first glance, there's no denying that those big, clean wakes are coming from behind an X-Star.

BALLAST: The liner ballast system holds a half-ton of water in three tanks beneath the floor. Flip the switch for serious bootage and don't worry about burning up your pumps--the X-Star's on-board computer shuts off the system when it's completely full or empty.

TOWER: The one-of-a-kind tower sports one of the greatest accessory packages we've ever seen. With matching board racks, tower speakers, tower mirror and light bar, there's no need to upgrade--ever.

It's the Pro Wakeboarding Tour's ride, so pro-level wakes are without question. The ramps are so long, many riders try to boot their tricks too early. Make sure you ride these twin peaks to the top for maximum hang time. Great landing zones for moves to blind.

BALLAST: 1,000 LB.