MasterCraft CSX 220

Yeah, we know exactly what you're thinking: What the hell is this thing, right? We don't blame you. We were rubbing our eyes too when we first saw the CSX at last year's Surf Expo in Orlando. And we admit it took a while to wrap our minds around the idea. Could a boat with a fisherman-friendly center console actually double as a wakeboarding ride? But then we caught wind of what MasterCraft pros like Zane Schwenk were saying about the CSX wake and the answer was made crystal clear: Yes, yes it can.

HULL: After seeing the numbers of people moving to the coast and seeing the percentage of fishing boat owners who use their boats for water sports other than angling, MasterCraft CEO John Dorton challenged his team to come up with a wakeboarding-fishing-waksurfing-exploring-skiing-camping-surfing-tubing hybrid that would satisfy enthusiasts of the outdoor lifestyle. The MasterCraft design team, which is one of the largest in the industry, took the idea and ran with it. The hull that emerged from that effort not only manages to throw quality wakeboarding wakes, it's also capable of handling rough coastal waters.

BALLAST: The optional 650-pound rear bag is more than enough to mold beginner- to intermediate-size wakes.

TOWER: Embrace your inner angler and take your pull from the T-top, or stick to your wakeboarding roots and opt for the proven performance of the sturdy and stylish ZeroFlex tower.

"Not only is it the most multipurpose boat on the water, the CSX has an incredible wake. It's crisp and clean with a very well-defined lip, so the wake launches you at the same point every time. I'd put it just behind the X-Star in size and shape."--Zane Schwenk, MasterCraft team rider