Malibu VLX

April 27, 2005



Vibe: This is the wake that Darin Shapiro rides on. It’s the one that all the pros will hit at the WWA World Championships this year. And it’s the wake that you’ll see at Wakestock in August. So yeah, the Wakesetter VLX is high-end all the way. But don’t be scared off if you’re just a pro wannabe. It’s sweet for you, too.


How it’ll make you a better rider: The wake is shaped for pros, yet intermediate riders will dig the smooth, lengthy transition that lets you edge hard. Need the wakes even smoother? Open the door in the swim platform to drop down the Wedge hydrofoil. To weight the VLX, you can fill up to four ballast tanks throughout the boat. And if you’re now using a boat that rolls when you edge out side to side, you’re gonna really like the VLX. These Gorilla Fins on the hull plunge into the water to keep the boat stable. Plus, the fins help the turning into double-ups.

2005 growth spurt: If you’ve seen the VLX in past years, this year’s model is the best yet. It’s on a new hull, called the V25 Wake, which is 6 inches longer and 5 inches wider than before.

Features to keep you on board all day long: Sit on any of the upholstery, and you won’t wanna get up. It’s soft, like buttery soft. The vinyl and foam are thicker than most, so you can really sink in and stay. Kick back in the lounge that keeps wrapping around all the way from the passenger dash to back along the sun pad to behind the driver’s seat. The vinyl even wraps up and over the dash for a quality touch you don’t see much. The ride on board is just as soft. If you hear a rattle or feel a vibration, it’s gotta be in your head.


House party: An ice chest and a serious stereo are necessities. The VLX has both. You’ve got the 60-quart insulated chest that fits a ton of beverages. Any other supplies you can toss in the rear trunks on both sides of the engine. What’s great is that the factory ballast tanks are under the floor, so those trunks are totally open for your stuff. About that stereo, shell out whatever you have to to get the fully upgraded Sony system. It’s got a 10-disc CD changer, MP3 plug-in, six speakers, XM with satellite antenna, remotes, amp, subwoofer. You won’t ever regret having it.

Fast fact: We aren’t the only magazine touting the VLX. Powerboat magazine honored it with a Product Excellence Award in May.

The new_ CFT Blade Tower_ is like a work of art. Just look at it – one big styling swoop of carbon graphite. And it’s functional when you outfit it with four speakers and two board racks.


The new **Ballast Monitoring System **could make you obsessive-compulsive about filling your tanks. Is the rear left one only three-quarters full, while the center one is at one-quarter? How about one-half and three-quarters? Full and empty? one-quarter, one-quarter, three-quarters?

Length: 21 ft. 6 in.
Beam: 98 in.
Seating capacity: 11
Fuel capacity: 46 gal.
Stock prop: Acme 13.5×16 4-blade
Stock engine: Malibu LCR 5.7-liter 320 hp from Indmar

Tanks: Two rear, 200 lbs. each; one center, 500 lbs. (optional bow, 350 lbs.)
Capacity: 900 lbs. (1,250 lbs. including bow)


Top speed: 46.3 mph @ 5,250 rpm
Accel. to 24 mph: TK
Noise: Neutral 60 db

PJ Marks
Malibu Wakesetter VLX
More than any other feature, the thing that stands out the most for me about the VLX is the feeling the boat has, how solid it feels. You’d have to drive it to understand. It’s just so smooth and has zero vibration. You don’t even feel the water hitting the boat, like driving a Lexus as oppposed to a Hyundai. And the wake is the best I’ve ever ridden, by far. Really smooth ramp with a smooth transition through the trough up through the top of the wake. You just launch off it, and it’s perfect for going huge. The boat’s interior feels really plush and comfortable, and there’s tons of room for all my friends. Nobody feels crowded at all, plus there’s storage everywhere, so we never have to worry about leaving gear behind. Just a pimp ride from top to bottom.

Pro performance and easy to tweak. The VLX has smooth, long transitions, which are very manageable for beginner and intermediate riders. When you fill the 900-pound standard MLS system the wakes get large. Upgrade to the optional 350-pound bow tank for added size. With an eye on the Ballast Monitoring System you can fill each tank individually and see how full each is to find the perfect balance for the best sessions.


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