Centurion Avalanche C4



Vibe: Wakeboarders, including pros Brett “Ike” Eisenhauer and Collin Harrington, like this wake for launch ramps that can send you sky high. There’s a lot of pop. But wake surfers are into it, too. World champ Drew Danielo has scored big with the Sideswipe vents that push exhaust to the side of the boat.


How it’ll make you a better rider: Out of the box, the Avalanche C4 comes with the Storm 1 wakeboarding package, which gives you a center ballast tank, a tower and an adjustable wake plate. That combined with the Centurion hull design cranks out good-size wakes for most riders. But whatever your skill level, Centurion has figured out a package for you – there are nine overall. Need more ballast to amp up the wake? You got it. Go all the way with the Brett Eisenhauer setup, which bumps you to the pro level. Ike’s deal includes the complete wake performance and style package, with three ballast tanks, board racks, special graphics and brushed aluminum tower. Mix in the Bennett trim tab and Sideswipe exhaust to make this one of the more versatile boats on the water.

Kickin’ it West Coast style: We’re deep in the East Coast/Orlando scene, so the Cali look of the Avalanche C4 is a fresh change. The hull graphics and interior styling definitely appeal to Centurion’s West Coast following.

Features to keep you on board all day long: Wider is better, and the Avalanche C4 spreads out at 100 inches across. That space makes everything more comfortable: the wraparound lounge, the open bow, the sun deck. A deep hull isn’t good just for steep wakes; it makes the ride smooth and dry through whatever water you hit. And it has everything else you’d expect from the best boats, like tons of cup holders and cavernous storage.


House party: If you want to host the parties, get a party-friendly package. The standard model gives you plenty of room, and removable carpet for easy cleanup. There’s a built-in cooler under the step to the bow. But for the tunes and the speakers, all it takes is one step up to the Storm 2 package. That’s where you score a Sony stereo with four speakers, amp and subwoofer.

Fast fact: You can also get the Avalanche (no “C4”), which is the same boat except that it has a walk-through transom.

The Storm packages have three levels depending on how serious you are about wakeboarding and the lifestyle. Customize your boat with as much ballast, stereo equipment and other features as you need.


The Sideswipe Exhaust is a unique option that only Centurion offers. A surfing session is made even better when the exhaust vents to the side of the boat.

Length: 22 ft.
Beam: 100 in.
Seating capacity: 12
Fuel capacity: 36 gal.
Stock prop: TK
Stock engine: MerCruiser Mag 350, 5.7-liter, 315 hp

Tank: Center tank standard (up to three available)
Capacity: 250 pounds


PERFORMANCE (with 330 hp engine)
Top speed: 45.6 mph @ 5,500 rpm
Accel. to 24 mph: TK
Noise: Neutral 65 db

Brett “Ike” Eisenhauer
Centurion Avalanche C4
When I ride I go big, and for me there’s no better wake than the C4’s. The wake is real transitional, with a full, mellow ramp, and then it lips up right at the peak, so I can do wake-to-wake moves and ride into it real smooth, not needing to edge too hard. I still get a lot of boot right off the top, but then when I’m doing raley-type tricks, I don’t notice the lip at all. It feels more rampy, not so steep, which I love. The hull’s got a wide beam, creating a really wide wake, so I can ride wake to waake with a long rope and get more air time. And for wakesurfing, the Sideswipe exhaust kicks ass. I just hit the switch and choose whether I want the exhaust to exit from the left, right or back of the boat. No more sucking down exhaust fumes.

**This wake has some lippiness and a steep transition, which aspiring riders will dig because of the upward pop. When fully loaded with factory ballast, the wake pumps up to a good size for an array of advanced level moves. As the wake gets bigger behind the Avalanche, it gets lippier too. It’s recommended to choose the optional Bennett trim tab as an upgrade so you can adjust the wake shape on the go.


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