80 Feet Back: Axis T23

March 25, 2016
80 feet back
“It’s almost as if Axis first designs its entire line of wakes around the rider, and then perfects the rest of the boat from there.” WBM

Axis has built an impressively consistent line of wakes ever since the brand hit the market in 2009. Now that I’ve tested every boat in the Axis line over the past three years or so, in my mind, this consistency has become these boats’ strongest asset. It’s almost as if Axis first designs its entire line of wakes around the rider, and then perfects the rest of the boat from there. This may seem like an insignificant shift in workflow, but the direct benefits to the wakeboarder are profound. For example, if you’ve ridden behind the A22, you can be confident that the A24 has a bigger, rampier wake, and that the A20 has a shorter, steeper wake, with the A22 nesting right in the middle. Axis has practically given you a mathematical equation to determine which wake is right for you.

The T series features a traditional bow, which has less hull material extending in front of the cockpit than the pickle-fork bow of the A series. This alters the weight distribution of the T series a bit more toward the stern, steepening up the transition of the wake at stock ballast. The T23 boasts a ­higher ballast and passenger capacity than the T22, giving you access to a larger wake when you load it down and a mellower transition when you don’t. Compared to the A24, the smaller footprint and lighter bow of the T23 mean that you can get a steeper wake with less ballast, but the A24 can handle more ballast and planes out a little more easily with its wider, heavier bow. See how Axis’ naming convention and consistently perfect wake shapes make shopping these boats a breeze?

During my wake test, the T23 was a lot of fun to ride behind. The wake shape was great, as usual, and I didn’t have to adjust my riding at all to get comfortable. Even without the wedge deployed, it held a moderate shape and size that was very user-friendly. Overall, this wake is ideal for first-time riders all the way up to advanced riders trying to learn their first mobes or 7s. Well done, Axis.


How did it surf?

80 feet back
Tons of drive, a perfectly clean face and evenly weighted surfing? You can’t go wrong with the Axis T23. The best traditional bow in the Axis line for surfing, the T23 works almost perfectly with Surf Gate for a powerful wave that will save a lot of falls. WBM
Length 23’5″
Dry Weight 4,200 lb.
Factory Ballast 900 lb. plus Plug ’N’ Play
Maximum Capacity 16 people or 2,256 lb.
Rider Settings
Speed 23 mph
Rope Length 77′
Ballast Stock and Plug ’N’ Play full
Wedge Undeployed
Crew Driver and 3 observers
Wake Profile
Transition Moderate
Volume Moderate to high
Width Average
Rideability Beginner to expert

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