2018 Axis T22

Wakeboarding Review
The wake had that nice Axis transition with a solid lip at the top because of the Wedge, and it never crumbled. Stock out of the box, this wake is beginner to advanced level, and with just a little more weight in the center and bow, it would be pro level. Riding at 75 feet was perfect and accommodates mellow progressive edging style with landings right in the transition of the opposite wake. The T22 is great for a wide variety of riders, whether you're just learning to jump the wake or moving on to grabbing big spins and flips.

Wakesurfing Review
As simple as it might sound, the surf wave on the new Axis T22 is a lot of fun. It's another testament to what Surf Gate can do to a boat with a solid wake shape. With the Wedge up, the wave had a great shape with plenty of power - it flattens out a bit toward the back, which allows you to surf in the curl of the wave more, so you can pump and get speed without worrying about the nose of the board diving. It is also mellow and forgiving because of the power and size of the sweet spot, which makes it a great wave to learn and progress on.

2018 Axis T22WBM

All new for 2018, the Axis T22 is a traditional bow boat that delivers classic looks and the high performance Axis is known for. Here are three of our favorite things about the new T22.

New design
The T22 looked great before with its classic traditional bow, but now it's even more refined with functional changes that also improve the boat's overall look and feel. Logo badges are peppered throughout the lounge, the glove compartment has a high density foam cover and the sides have new contour lines that refresh the boat's on-water look.

The T22's updated dash looks amazing. The toggle switches were replaced with molded digital switches that light up when they're on; it's a great new look for this solid boat. Check out the big gauges and stereo remote as well.

Seating is plentiful and comfortable with a wraparound lounge configuration that follows the axis mantra of being simple and functional. The captian's chair is plush and sports a flip-up bolster for maximum visibility. The real standout is the convertible bench seat at the back that takes passengers from forward to rear facing with a simple and efficient system that will never break.

2018 Axis T22WBM