2018 Axis A20

Wakeboarding Review
The little brother in the Axis A family can do a lot for yours. The wake is forgiving and fun, making it great for learning to jump or landing your first inverts and technical tricks. The moderate shape and transition will allow any rider to be comfortable riding the A20. The wake is consistent and won't crumble on you. Don't be fooled by it's small size, the A20 is more than capable of serving you well.

Wakesurfing Review
Thanks to Surf Gate and a solid stock ballast system, the A20 puts out a big, solid wave with a lot of volume and power. The wave face has a moderate shape that is easy for a variety of styles to surf on, while you never feel like you have to work hard to stay in the sweet spot. It definitely doesn't feel like you're surfing behind a 20-foot boat when you're riding the A20 wave.

2018 Axis A20WBM

The A20 is Axis' little boat that packs a surprisingly big punch. Here are three things we really liked when we tested it.

Inside details
Despite its smaller size, the A20 is comfortable and easy to use. The spacious seating allows you and 10 of your family and friends to have a lot of fun on the water and do it comfortably. Whether it's the soft padded floor, the killer sound system, or the chill open bow space, the A20 is proof that good things come in small packages.

Surf Gate
Think a little boat can't put out a big surf wave? Just check out the 2018 Axis A20 outfitted with Surf Gate to be proven wrong. Surf Gate instantly makes the A20 a wakesurfing machine, with a big, fun wave that has a lot of push and a nice sweet spot.

Bluetooth stereo
The bluetooth stereo in the A20 is a must-have for the modern boating crowd. Instantly link up your phone to play your favorite playlists through the A20's beefy sound system.

2018 Axis A20WBM