2016 Moomba Craz Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Moomba CrazWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

All new for 2016, the Moomba Craz fills out the middle of the line with a fresh running surface and a sleek traditional bow. The Craz is for recreational wakeboarders and surfers who want a budget boat without a threadbare interior.

The Craz has a deep design that was definitely meant for board sports, and especially surfing. Opt for the new Auto Flow 2.0 surf system to get a switch at the dash that will make a wave when you flip it to one side or the other. It’s that simple. Set your speed with Digital Cruise Pro, which is one of the easiest speed controls on the market, then just hit the toggle switch to bump speed up or down while towing a rider. The new Aviator 2 tower has a sleek design with revived color options and a fold-assist function that’s a lifesaver when you’re letting it down by yourself. Available rear-facing seating options include a seat back behind the driver as well as a sliding rear bench-style seat with a snap-in seat back that give passengers a lot of options to watch riding. Moomba is the only value-class boat offering a rear bench-style seat.