2016 MasterCraft X20 Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 MasterCraft X20WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

At exactly 20 feet, MasterCraft's X20 is small enough to fit in a garage, but it feels huge inside thanks to a deep lounge, and it makes an absolutely massive surf wave. If a small boat that churns a big wave and has plenty of creature comforts checks all your boxes, then the X20 should be your focus.

The surf potential on the X20 is without question the most notable feature. The Gen 2 surf system allows you to surf either side at any time by pushing a button on the touchscreen, and you don’t have to move any weight around to switch your wave from side to side. Pick a mellow or steep setting, then home in from there to get your perfect wave. MasterCraft has always paid attention to the details, so it’s not a surprise to say the X20 looks top notch. Billet everywhere, perfect vinyl stitching and high-quality materials are just a few of the reasons this boat will turn heads. The tower is another. It’s so intuitive and looks like an extension of the boat because MasterCraft has control the whole way through production. All you have to do is unlock each side and you can pull the fully loaded tower down with no problem, and the reverse is just as easy.