2016 MasterCraft NXT20 Review

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2016 MasterCraft NXT20WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

MasterCraft's NXT20 is a value-class surf and wake churner that still fits in your garage. If you're looking for a small but capable budget boat with luxury-class styling from a name that screams water sports, the NXT20 could be for you.

One of the most notable things about the NXT20 is its value. It starts impressively equipped for right around $50,000, which includes GPS speed control, a digital screen, a built-in cooler, and an all-around impressive fit and finish. The best thing? The NXT has the exact same hull construction as any other MasterCraft, so you’re getting the same quality materials and builders. The available NXT surf system allows you to surf either side of the boat without moving any weight around, and it generates one of the better 20-foot-hull surf waves. The system is controlled by simple analog switches at the dash, and the NXT version uses the exact same hardware as the Gen 2 surf system on the X Series boats. From the digital screen to the toggle switches to the ballast spitting out the side when it’s full, this boat is easy to use. It may not have as many features as the X Series, but it’s extremely user friendly the first time out even for novice boaters.