2016 Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX Review

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2016 Malibu Wakesetter 20 VTX ReviewWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

Malibu's Wakesetter 20 VTX is the company's luxury multisport boat with a hull that compromises as well as any inboard on the water. If you're looking for a wakeboard boat that can still pull recreational slalom in the Malibu line, this is your boat.

The VTX is able to pull anything from slalom to wakeboarding to surfing, and it’s all thanks to the Cut Diamond hull, which has a wake when you want it and flattens out when you don’t. The new-for-2015 dash was incorporated into the VTX for 2016. This boat inspired the entire dash redesign with the first iteration of the anodized finish, but it didn’t get the massive 12-inch touchscreen and the 7-inch secondary screen until this year. Rider profiles within the touchscreen really pull their weight on the VTX because you can hit a button to set a profile for speed, ballast, wake-shaping and surf characteristics, then hit another button and completely reconfigure the boat for another sport. Opt for the Sport Package to get the multifunction rotary switch, which makes it really easy to tweak your settings while underway. Surf Gate has a decent amount of push with this hull, and when you add in the Power Wedge, you’ve got a winning combination for a decent wave despite the boat’s small footprint.