2016 Axis A24 Review

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2016 Axis A24 ReviewWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Axis A24 is the biggest boat in the line, and it delivers on value, performance and looks in a low-maintenance package focused on huge capacity. This is perfect for surfers or wakeboarders looking for a pro-level wake that couldn't be less fickle.

The wake is insane on the A24, and it’s all thanks to the boat’s Malibu DNA, the hull and the wake-shaping. The Autoset Wedge is a simple hydraulic wing that adds drag to kick up your wake, and you never have to adjust it after you deploy it. Surf Gate creates a huge, clean oceanlike wave behind the A24, and you never have to worry about moving weight around to make it happen; just flip the toggle switch at the dash when you’re at surf speeds. It also switches faster than last year so transfers from side to side are that much easier. Bring all your friends and fill out the boat’s 17-person capacity to really leverage the A24’s surf potential. Simple bench-style seating, a generous beam and a huge open bow all combine to maximize passenger comfort. The new-for-2016 dash still has the same simplistic feel that’s easy to use the first time out, but now it’s cleaner and more refined than ever before to give the A24 a more cohesive overall driving experience.