Would You Rather w/ Tony Carroll

Originally from California, Tony Carroll has called Orlando home for just shy of a decade now. His roots as a West Coast rider shine through his riding with long, poked grabs that he adds to highly-technical tricks. It’s hard to find a rider who doesn’t like Tony’s style of riding, and it’s even harder to find a person that doesn’t like Tony. His high energy and constant motivation to push himself is infectious.

Tony Carroll Jason Lee


Consistently land one trick that nobody else can do, or be able to pick five tricks from five different riders and do those tricks just like them?
Tony: One trick that nobody else can do.

Be really good at snowboarding or surfing?
Tony: Surfing. Not a big fan of the cold.


Be given one million dollars all at once, or, starting with a penny, double your money every day for six months?
Tony: Let the penny snowball for six months.

Land a 1260 with no grab or land a 1080 with a poked grab?
Tony: Slow roasted grab 1080, all the way.

Live on the road for a month during the summer, riding when you can, or live at home and be able to ride every day?
Tony: On the road. It’s always fun meeting and riding with new people.


Listen to the same song for 24 hours straight, or listen only to the first 10 seconds of a song before it skips to the next one for 24 hours?
Tony: Same song for 24 hours.

Ride in crazy rollers or in heavy wind?
Tony: Heavy wind. I’m down to hunt for a good shore line.

Hype you up on the dock before your contest run: Dean Smith or Massi?
Tony: Not a fair question. I’d take either of them over most. Both make wakeboarding look fun and unique.


Have to trailer your boat half an hour from your house every time you want to ride, knowing it will be butter, or be able to ride instantly, but more often than not it’s windy?
Tony: Trailer. Did that every day growing up. Always worth the butta.

Go to the party and be remembered as they guy who was dancing just a little bit too hard, or be the quiet guy in the corner that nobody remembers was there?
Tony: The guy dancing too hard. I may very well be that guy, but I don’t know because I’m in the zone.