Would You Rather w/ Gordon Harrison

Whether you’ve seen him riding boat or cable, it’s indisputable that Gordon Harrison’s super fun to watch. Gordon is the type of guy who looks like he is having more fun on the water than anyone else out there. His way of riding is a balance of difficulty and style while making everything look easy. Gordon isn’t the most talkative person you have ever met, but he lets his riding speak for itself.

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Gordon Harrison Chris Rogers


Shoot for video or stills?
Gordon: Video. You do a lot more in a set.

Road trip and see more sights or fly and spend more time at your singular destination?
Gordon: Road trip if I have time for it.


Learn new tricks with a crew in the boat to hype you up, or learn them quietly with just a driver where you can zone out and focus?
Gordon: Learn new tricks with the crew! Nothing changed since I started. I’m just having fun on the lake!

Shoot in Orlando where you know conditions are solid, but the background is similar to a bunch of other shots, or go to a totally new location where conditions may be less than ideal?
Gordon: If there’s a good Supra, I’ll go somewhere new!

Have to ride a contest in spandex short shorts or old-school Wakepants?
Gordon: Old school Wakepants all day! Shout out to Shane Bonifay.


Be able to do every trick you can do now both switch and regular or be able to add a 180 to everything you can do now?
Gordon: Be able to do everything switch and regular.

Have to ride in a location that’s infested with gators or sharks?
Gordon: Gators.

Have to ride a set with a handle that is three feet wide or one that is only 6.5 inches wide?
Gordon: 6.5 inches wide. I can still have a fun set without passing the handle.


Take a set wearing a full wetsuit in August in Orlando or in only a vest and board shorts in January?
Gordon: Full suit in August. I don’t have as much fun when I’m cold while riding.

Accidently take a boat board on a winch trip or a jib board on a boat trip?
Gordon: Jib board on a boat trip. I already ride a hybrid.