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With Newfound Stability and the Industry’s Largest Swim Platform, Sea-Doo Reimagines the PWC — and How Consumers Use It

The Sea-Doo GTX 230 with modular seating organized in a face-to-face picnicSea-Doo

The design and engineering teams at BRP have long been recognized for outside-the-box thinking, and the new GTX, RXT and WAKE PRO 230 product lines prove it in various ways — an all-new hull and deck design, innovative storage options, even a modular saddle. Overlooked in all the hype, however, just might be these models’ newfound stability… and how Sea-Doo has been able to leverage that stability to re-envision how consumers interact with the swim platform at rest.

The Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 with a useful and large swim platform for sunbathing.Sea-Doo

Glance below the waterline of anew Sea-Doo ST3 hull and you’ll note a reverse chine, a sharp change in hull angle designed to improve the craft’s stability as well as its handling at speed. Look closer, however, and you’ll note a secondary chine, one that widens the craft’s footprint by about 1 inch over the previous model. Combined with an overall 3-inch reduction in length and new lower center of gravity, that secondary chine comes into play at rest to give Sea-Doo GTX, RXT and WAKE PRO 230 models exceptional stability.

Remove the back seat portion and get a large swim platform to practice your favorite water activity.Sea-Doo

Why should stability when not underway matter to a personal-watercraft buyer? Because consumers are doing a lot more with their craft these days than simply riding at speed. Following a trend in the general boating market, they’re also spending plenty of time hanging out at the sandbar or “coving,” gathering with friends and other boaters to relax, swim, float and enjoy music. They’re also increasingly fishing and adventure riding, using aft platforms as stand-up casting decks or spots to secure additional gear for extended rides. They’re even using PWC to do those things mainstream boaters have done for years — motor into a secluded cove, shut off the engine and enjoy a picnic lunch, or just lounge in the sun.

And when it comes to all of the above, Sea-Doo simply does it better. Stability might make activities like coving or fishing possible, but it’s that platform size — and the latest Sea-Doo design innovations — that make them practical. Take that modular seat design. With a quick release of two sturdy catches, the rear half of the seat can actually be removed, enhancing what is already the largest swim platform in the industry. Covered in nonslip traction material, that flat platform allows passengers to actually stand and confidently cast a line, stretch out and sunbathe, or even place the removed seat at the back of the platform and sit face to face for an on-water picnic. Try that on competitive models.

That platform real estate also offers room to bring along additional gear to enhance the ride. Pop up the standard LinQ system cleats (neatly recessed into the platform), and you can secure everything from an insulated cooler to a backup fuel caddy.