William Klang Takes His Unique Wakeboarding Skills to the Philippines

One of the most creative riders takes aim at one of the most unique wake parks

Over the past few years William Klang has made a name for himself as one of the most creative riders in the sport. He sees lines others don't, and sees ways to hit those lines in really unique ways. Hence his ability to win one of the Best Line awards at the Valdosta Wake Compound Yard Sale event last year. Put that all together and you've got a wakeboarder who everybody loves to watch, which is why his edits have become so popular.

Klang has spent a lot of time in those last few years at CamSur Wake Complex (CWC) in the Philippines. The park is obviously known for some incredible riding conditions and park setups, which is why it's become a top spot for riders from around the world to come to. MIRRORS is a look at how Klang approaches the park, which, obviously, is very unique and a ton of fun to watch.