Watch the Winning Runs From Moomba Masters

Cory Teunissen and Meagan Ethell took the top spots at the season's kickoff event in Australia

The 2019 Moomba Masters kicked off the season Down Under in epic fashion, and two of best came away with the tops spots. After wrapping up last year by winning the overall title to the Pro Wakeboard Tour, Cory Teunissen spent much of the winter in recovery following shoulder surgery. Somehow that didn't slow him down when it came time to getting back into top form, as he stomped his finals run and earned the victory.

As the 5-time Best Female Rider winner at Wake Awards, Meagan Ethell is the favorite to win every event she enters, but she doesn't let that expectation get in her way. In fact, she more than lives up to it. We have a feeling she's just going to keep getting better as the year goes on.