Wakesurf This: Axis T22

Axis Boats

The only major difference between the high-performing Axis A22 and the T22 is the traditional bow, but that means the entire hull is different. Performance was our concern when we first surfed the T22, but it ended up surfing at just as high a level as the rest of the line. The whole Axis line works so incredibly well with Surf Gate. The push and mass of these budget-friendly boats rival anything else out there, and the T22 is no exception. You can still surf the T22 listed, but you may not want to after experiencing its wave with Surf Gate. The interface is also incredibly easy; there's a toggle switch at the dash that's either neutral, left or right. There's no guesswork and no fiddling; it just works. When you want to switch sides or transfer while you're riding, all you have to do is signal the driver, hop over the rooster tail, and you're riding on the other side. The T22 is a deep boat with plenty of room for storage, ballast and people, so you can weigh this thing down pretty good. Opt for maximum plug 'n' play ballast so everything is plumbed in and you just have to hit the ballast-fill buttons to be ready to surf. The Autoset Wedge helps to add mass to the wave by pulling the back of the boat farther into the water, and like everything on an Axis, it's easy. When you're ready to ride, just manually deploy the Autoset Wedge from the swim platform, and it does the rest — speaking of which, the T22's dash is simple without being plain, and everything you need is right in front of you.

Axis Boats

Dig This: One of the best things about surfing the T22 is the wave's reliability. If you've ever been behind a boat that needs very specific things or won't perform, you know how valuable a reliable wave is, and the T22 has it. Just fill up the ballast, drop the Autoset Wedge, set the speed control, pick which side you want to surf, and the T22's Malibu-inspired hull will make a wave. That's it.

Stat: The T22 was the Axis brand's very first traditional-bow wakeboat. It now has a bigger brother, the T23, which also sports a pointed bow.

Length 21'10"
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 3,800 lb.
Fuel Capacity 42 gal.
Seating Capacity 15
Standard Ballast 900 lb.
Maximum Ballast 2,150 lb.
Standard Horsepower 350 hp
Maximum Horsepower 555 hp