Best Wakeboard Vests

Our reviews on some of the best wakeboard vests you can buy

Wakeboard vests.

Ahhhh...wakeboard vests. We all wear them; we all love them. Not only can you look like your favorite pro rider while you're on the water, but you can be safe out there too. While we advise you to stay privy to the laws of the waterway you ride on in terms of picking a competition (comp) wakeboard vest versus USCGA vest, also be sure to choose a vest that keeps you afloat and your head out of the water if something were to go wrong. Every body type is different, so get out there and try a few wakeboard vests on to find out which vest style and size works best for you. Remember, when trying on wakeboard vests, the tighter the better! Any little gaps of air between the vest and your skin will undoubtedly cause the vest to rise up from your shoulders when you're in the water. Happy hunting for your new wakeboard vest this year, and stay safe!

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Comp Vests

Billabong Slice

MSRP: $115billabong.comThings We Like: Four-way-stretch materials for extra comfort. Fully articulating panels for perfect mobility. Front zip and extra lightweight..

Body Glove Malinoski/Rockstar Comp Wakeboard Vest

MSRP: $130bodyglove.comThings We Like: Superstretchy and comfortable Magnaflex shell. Lightweight and floaty Aerolight foam. Segmented panels for really good flexibility..

CWB Team Vest

MSRP: $90ridecwb.comThings We Like: Twenty-two separate foam panels for extra mobility. Thin profile and four-way stretch for an extremely comfy fit. Front zip and no buckles for easy entry and exit.

Hyperlite Franchise Blue Camo

MSRP: $150hyperlite.comThings We Like: Fully reversible — like two vests in one. Pullover style for tons of mobility. Three-dimensional cut for improved flexibility..

JetPilot Chris O'Shea Signature Wakeboard Vest

MSRP: $130jetpilot.comThings We Like: One-hundred-percent flex-light stretch panels for maximum mobility. PVC foam core for great impact protection. Lightweight design for super comfort..

Liquid Force Watson Comp vest

MSRP: $140liquidforce.comThings We Like: Light and flexible Flex-Span neoprene and Air-Prene fabric. Fifteen panels for full range of motion. Light PVX foam that doesnÕt absorb much water and stays floaty..

Ronix Parks black/volcano Impact vest

MSRP: $140Ronixwake.comThings We Like: Front zip for easy entry and exit. Supercomfortable stretchy outer shell and segmented panels. Rad-looking black mesh over the orange material..

Slingshot Impact Vest

MSRP: $120 • slingshotsports.comThings We Like: The front zip and buckle for keeping the vest tight around your torso. Comfortable, simple design. Understated matte finish for stealth on the water..

CGA Vests

Billabong Slice CGA vest

MSRP: $89 • billabong.comThings We Like: Front zip and dual buckles for easy entry/exit. Tons of cushion and foam to make it extra floaty. Extra large arm holes for no chaffing..

CWB Reverb CGA vest

MSRP: $70ridecwb.comThings We Like: Adjusting "V" back flex panel for a lot of body types. Segmented foam panels for optimized mobility. Oversize arm holes for maximum comfort..

Hyperlite Team CGA vest

MSRP: $150hyperlite.comThings We Like: Insane range of motion from every direction. Separate rib panels for better range of motion.Great drainability of water..

JetPilot Shawn Murray CGA vest

MSRP: $110jetpilot.comThings We Like: Custom-designed by Shaun Murray. Low bulk and super lightweight for a CGA vest. Multiple panels for good range of motion..

Liquid Force Reflex CGA vest

MSRP: $120liquidforce.comThings We Like: PVX foam for extra floatation and low water absorption. Thirteen segmented panels for a huge range of motion. Power-Flex and Flex-Span materials for keeping you locked in the vest but still mobile..

Ronix One Capella CGA vest

MSRP: $160ronixwake.comThings We Like: Insanely comfortable round cylinder construction. Neoprene shell for minimal water absorption. Cylinder design with no seams on the sides for extra rub protection..