Behind the Shoot: Maryh Rougier Shreds CWC

The Big Plaza comes alive again.

“This is one of the best stories of my entire life!’’. So, 4 years ago I went to CWC for my first time and I saw a group of 4 guys (Ben, Graeme, Will, and Antoine) riding their creation for the first time: the Big Plaza. It was mind-blowing! Time and typhoons destroyed it over the years. Last year, Victor Salmon went to CWC with the project to ride this pool gap again and he motivated the locals to fix everything.

Victor offered me to join the session. Challenge accepted. I was so excited about the idea. The first moves were impressive and slowly I managed to find a few lines. Straight away I messaged Ben to tell him the spot was alive again and that I was so stoked to be able to ride it.

He motivated me to get some clips and offered me to put everything together. What an honor. A lot of friends helped me with cameras, drones, GoPro, patience, and time and we came out with some interesting shots. I wish I could ride it a little more and try other things but my body was too tired. Ben did such a great video for me and I’m so grateful for his time and his talent.


That’s my short version of the story!”

Mary is sponsored by Liquid Force, O’Neill, Unit Parktech, Totem Wake Park, and Nane Art. 


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