Tower Air Chair

  • Tower Air Chair
    Tower Air ChairTidal Wake
  • A new way to "Hang Out" on the boat! Just hang chair from the tower & take a seat. Whether you're spotting riders, tanning, or chilling, you feeling like you're floating on air or weightless. Take chair from ship to shore & hang it in a tree. Designed with boaters in mind. Folds up & fits in compact tote.

  • Features:

    • Holds Adults & Kids
    • Storage/Carry Tote Included
    • Available in 2 Colors: Solid Ocean Blue or Summer Stripes (multi-color)
    • Shore Straps Available and Sold Separately to hook on to sturdy branches, poles and other structures ashore.
  • Specifications/Size:

    • 1 size
      Manufacturer: Tidal Wake
      MSRP: $79.00
      Website: Tidal Wake