Best Wakeboard Gear: 5/30

#1: Slingshot Nomad

Lowdown: Built for beginners, wily veterans or larger-size riders, the Slingshot Nomad is a cruiser that anyone can have fun on. More surface area means it's easier to get on plane and the perfect board to teach newbies. Larger riders will appreciate the increased stability. It has a continuous rocker for a faster ride and smooth pop off the wake.

Slingshot Nomad2016 Water Sports Gear Guide

#2: Slingshot Gnarwhal

Made for aggressive surf-style riders, the Slingshot Gnarwhal is built to take deep carves in the wave. It features a V-spine and added concave for a lively feel. The fast rocker line lets you ride farther back on the wave, or on smaller waves. A wide tail and nose give this board more volume so it fits perfectly in the pocket.

Slingshot Gnarwhal2016 Water Sports Gear Guide

#3: GlideSoul Comp Vest

This GlideSoul competition vest is an easy-entry, quick-drying frontzip vest designed for a lightweight and comfortable fit on a woman — not to mention it's available in multiple colorways.

GlideSoul Comp Vest2016 Water Sports Gear Guide

#4: Speaqua Barnacle

Boaters value mobility, and the Speaqua Barnacle caters to that desire. The Barnacle is a 100 percent waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Be confident taking it aboard each time you go on the boat.

Speaqua Barnacle2016 Water Sports Gear Guide

#5: Hitcase PRO+ Action Pack

The Hitcase PRO+ Action Pack is the real deal. It's waterproof, shockproof, thin and easy to use. It features a super-wide interchangeable lens, Railslide mounting system, ShootR pole and much more.

Hitcase PRO+ Action Pack2016 Water Sports Gear Guide