Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2015

Here they are – the Top 10 Instagram posts of 2015 from your favorite pro riders! We've spent countless hours scouring the interwebs to find these for you, so we hope you enjoy them! Be sure to see them all!

Haha such a legend! @rustymalinoski trying a front 1080 and cracks off this bush league front flipper @raphderome

The new #GoPro #Hero4Session likes to get tubed just as much as I do. #FreshWaterTubes @parxxx serving it up for me on his @MCboatcompany #X10 @gopro @oneill @liquidforcewake

Collin Harrington surfing
Collin Harrington@collinharrington

"I will die before I take two trips" @cobefrance_. Tag your mates who you think are the biggest kooks!! #gotgascansbro


Stopped by the children's hospital today in Denver, Co to visit this little trooper Tristen.. Pretty amazing to still have this little guy with us after being in a serious boating accident just a few days ago and still have a smile on his face! One of his requests was a signed hat from his favorite Wakeboarder (myself), so I decided to pay him a visit and personally give him some signed gear. Was rad to bring a smile to his face

Shawn Watson wakeboarding
Shawn Watson@shawnmwatson

@deanwsmith and @know.thanx straight up killing the wake game, the chase boat driving game and the emoji game, all at the same time @ronixwakeboards

Parks Bonifay wakeboarding
Parks & Dean@parxxx

For everyone who thought it was magnets, sorry to crash the party but it was just thin strips of grip tape. Although magnets do sound like a really good time. #wakeskate @hitcase with the POV

Don't get mad at your dog and punch the fridge #fracturedhand #thinkbeforeyoudostuff

Daniel Grant wakeboarding
Daniel Grant@danielgranttt

This is what we do when we get bored. Around the boat and then back to it. @shotatezuka @mcboatcompany @redbull #DontTryThisAtHome @gopro #gopro

This is what we also do when we get bored again... The #GoPro throw from the boat to rider! Haha pretty awesome! @mcboatcompany @redbull @gopro @shotatezuka @danielpowers

Disclaimer: Pros do some crazy things sometimes... things that should not be replicated or tried at home. Stay safe out there! For boating safety tips: