The TomTom Bandit: Action Camera

Action Camera

So anytime I see a new action sports camera hit the market, I think, "Really? Why even try?" If it's not GoPro, it's nothing... Right? Well now that I've gotten my hands on the new TomTom Bandit Action Camera, I'm starting to second guess myself. After messing around with this little guy all week, I'm loving it, and I'm here to tell you why...

Some of the Bandit's notable features:

  • Separate start and stop buttons – Countless times while using other cameras, I've pressed the start/stop button and unknowingly stopped the camera while trying to film something epic. It's always a disappointment when you review your film and realize you missed out on a great capture. Other times, I've looked down at my camera and noticed that I've been filming my leg for 12 minutes and 42 seconds. That's one way to get some bad footage and a dead battery. Maybe I'm an idiot, or maybe it's a common mistake. Either way, TomTom has created separate start and stop buttons on the Bandit to ensure proper recording.
  • Easy editing in minutes – You've seen the videos produced from these types of cameras – they're awesome. Since the original action camera, we've all craved that POV angle, and everyone and their mom wants to create their own version of "Me: The Movie." With the Bandit, this is easier than ever. No uploading or editing software is needed. Wirelessly connect the camera to the app on your smart phone and shake. The clips from your camera will arrange themselves into a video in the app. From here, you can easily rearrange, add or delete clips, overlay music, and export to your favorite social media apps for the world to see.
  • Unique mounting system – The Bandit features a different and much simpler mounting mechanism than its competitors. No more twisting that countless-thread screw to attach and detach your camera. With this mounting system, just click the camera onto the mount and then press the tabs on the side to release. What's more, the camera can rotate a full 180 degrees, guaranteeing a horizontal shot no matter the slope of the mounting surface.

Although the Bandit is more user-friendly for the everyday consumer, it doesn't skimp on the basic features that go along with other cameras in this category. The Bandit shoots up to 1080P 60FPS, cinematic 4K 15FPS, and has high-def time lapse and slow motion. The camera is fully waterproof up to 40 meters, without requiring an additional bulky case. To make the camera waterproof, switch to the waterproof lens cap with a simple twist. The base pack comes with all of this plus flat and curved adhesive mounts and a GoPro mount adaptor so you can use it with any existing accessories you may have.

To learn more about the Bandit, check out our gallery below or visit TomTom's site.