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The Surfgate Tour is an event that Tommy's recently started last year in Michigan with hopes of giving everyday people a chance to understand and experience the latest surf technology behind a Malibu boat while testing out the newest line of products including ropes, vests, and surfers for no cost at all! Wakesurfing is one of the most favored activities on the water that reaches out to all ages, but not everyone gets the opportunity to join in on the fun. At Tommy's, we decided what better way to present that opportunity than giving people the ultimate experience at surfing the endless wave. There was so much positive feedback from last summer that we've decided to expand it to our other locations in Colorado and Florida.

This summer we're going all over Florida, RV style, with a new Malibu 23 LSV and dropping in on different lakes every weekend going boat to boat, dock to dock to give people a chance to surf one of the biggest waves made behind a boat. Don't know how to surf? We've got you covered with a coach on board to get you up and shredding in no time! Catch us on the right weekend and you might even get to see one of the Pro's in action! Come out and bring your towel, sunscreen, and smiles because it's something you won't want to miss.

Contact us to sign up or with any questions or concerns:
Surf Tour Info & Sign-ups: (407)-917-7732
Tommy's Florida: (407)-281-7909

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Tommy's Surf Gate TourTommy's
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Tommy's Surf Gate TourTommy's