Throwback Thursday - Scott Byerly's Covers

The Godfather has some of the most iconic covers in the mag's history

  • Scotty Byerly is arguably the most influential wakeboarder of all time. Back in the early days of the sport, when he first came on the scene around 1994, he started trends and set standards that still hold true today. He was at the forefront of making skurfing and skiboarding into a legitimate boardsport. He then went on to pioneer wakeskating and make it its own standalone boardsport as well. There is a reason he's called the Godfather. Over the years Scott has had six covers of Wakeboarding, and we figured for this Throwback Thursday it would only be appropriate to let you decide which one is the best. Take the poll below and cast your vote!

  • June 1994WBM
  • February 1996WBM
  • June 1999WBM
  • March 2001WBM
  • July 2007WBM
  • Fall 2013WBM