Throwback Thursday: Parks Bonifay in "All or Nothing"

The Iconic Wakeboarder Joins the Water Ski Hall of Fame This Weekend

In honor of the legendary Parks Bonifay being inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame this weekend, we figured it was only appropriate to throw it back to one of his many famous video sections.

Remember this sketchy-as-hell setup that Parks overshot while filming for All or Nothing? If you don't, just watch.Sidewayz Films

"All or Nothing" was a Hyperlite team video produced by Sidewayz and Ronn Seidenglanz, filmed in parts of 2001-02. Opening with glimpses into his past from archival family footage, while teasing the infamous "john boat gap" setup, it eventually kicks into high gear with Social Distortion's "Down on the World Again" and Parks' aggressive style. This was one of the first full sections Parks filmed after joining the Hyperlite team and he went all out to prove the world that he was still the man.

Cool side note: both Parks and Ronn were inducted into the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame last September during Surf Expo.