That’s My Boat w/ Amber Wing

wakeboarding boat
Amber Wing’s Malibu 24 MXZ Bryan Soderlind

Six years ago, I signed with Malibu, and it was a dream come true. I have always loved riding behind these boats, but I have a special love for my 24 MXZ. The wake is everything I need for training, and the surf wave is the best I’ve ever ridden. With over 24 feet of boat, there’s more than enough room for all my friends to come out as well as space for my little rug rat to run around. The bow is spacious and smooth to ride in, and the storage lockers are incredibly deep, keeping the boat nice and tidy. I also love the media center — it’s amazingly simple to navigate between music, speed, Surf Gate and more. What’s my favorite feature of the boat though? The G4 Tower! Every time I ride, I have to take my boat through a tunneled canal. Having the ability to handle the tower and Bimini system by myself is crucial, and the G4 makes that possible.

wakeboarding boat
Amber Wing in the captain seat of her Malibu 24 MXZ Bryan Soderlind

How I Ride It

Speed: 23.5 mph
Rope length: 77.5 feet
Custom settings: With my speed dialed in at 23.5 mph and the wedge set to 2, the boat drives itself. The wake is massive and clean with a slight lip, giving it that perfect kick.
Ballast: I fill the ballast to 100 percent, and it’s ready to go! It’s really that simple.

How I Surf It

Speed: 10.4 mph
Custom settings: Wakesurfing, I have Surf Gate set to the right. The settings are already programmed perfectly, but depending on the trick or how I’m feeling, I can adjust the speed, wedge and Surf Gate all from my Surf Band while on the water.
Ballast: I surf my boat with 100 percent ballast in the rear and 50 percent ballast in the front, and Surf Gate does the rest.


How I Hang Out

When I am not riding, we go on family cruises and explore the chain of lakes, listening to good music and enjoying each other’s company. The 24 MXZ makes this possible, all while having plenty of room for our friends to join us.

wakeboarding boat
Amber can dial in her MXZ for top-level wakeboarding or a casual surf session. Bryan Soderlind

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