Jeff Langley has been been a Malibu team rider for several years now, but he might be most excited about the 2018 24 MXZ that now sits in his backyard. First off, it's a gorgeous black and purple metal flake combo that pops on the water in ways that are known to make grown wake men cry. Ok, not really, but it does look awesome. Second, the wakes and waves on the MXZ are mega big, and Jeff has his dialed just the way he likes them. We figured it would be good to find out how exactly Jeff sets up his boat for his riding preferences, so here you go.

black and purple Malibu boat
This black and purple combo looks way better than that bruise on our shin...)Garrett Cortese

How I Ride It

Speed: 22.5 mph
Rope: 75 feet

Jeff Langely wakeboarding
Langley sets his Power Wedge to 2 to give the wake a little more vert.Garrett Cortese

Custom settings: I set the Power Wedge to 2. The MXZ wake has a great transition, but this gives it a little more vert while still keeping it rampy.

Jeff Langley in Malibu
Life is good in the 'hood.Garrett Cortese

Ballast: All internal ballast is full, plus I have 550-pound plug-and-play bags in the rear lockers. I also have lead spread out underneath the seats from the back to the spotter's seat/walk-through. I don't add any weight to the bow, which is really nice.

Clear Lake bridge
Jeff's backyard is well known in the wake community: the Clear Lake bridge.Garrett Cortese

How I Surf It

Speed: 10.8 - 11.5 mph
I like to bump the speed up when I'm doing airs and stuff. It's really easy for me to control with my SurfBand remote.

Custom settings: All I do is turn on Surf Gate, I don't really have to touch anything else. If I want to tweak the shape and transition of the wave I'll mess with the Power Wedge, but most of the time I leave it all as it is.

wakeboarding to wakesurfing
Jeff doesn't do much more than flip on Surf Gate to go from wakeboarding to wakesurfing.Garrett Cortese

How I Hang Out

We're always hanging out on Clear Lake. Sometimes that's just an evening cruise with some neighbors, other times it's fishing. I've been flying my drone a lot more this year, so if somebody's out riding I'll cruise out and do some filming with it. I also keep a wake foil on board now. I used to make fun of foiling so bad, but Jeff McKee hooked me up and once I tried it I was hooked. It's seriously so much fun.

Malibu 2018 24 MXZ
"This boat is perfect for everything I like to do!" - Jeff LangleyGarrett Cortese

Favorite Thing

My favorite thing about my 24 MXZ is the size and how user friendly it is. I don't have to move weight around or even change ballast configurations and settings to go from wakeboarding to wakesurfing or anything else. All I have to do is fill it up, set the Wedge where I want, and start riding. And being a 24-footer, I can fit a lot of friends and gear when we're hanging out. This boat is perfect for everything I like to do!