Tail Grab Contest

We've done some grab contests in the past, but this one was particularly fun. Our Facebook followers always ­impress us with the creative ways they can add their own flair to a trick. It just goes to prove that there are plenty of unknown stylish riders lurking among us. We saw everything from boat to cable riding, frontside shifties, backside shifties — you name it. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Tail grab wakeboarding

WINNER – Todd Gabler

Congratulations, Todd! We saw it only fitting, this being our park issue, that a submission from a wake park would take the top spot. Plus, there aren't many ways that this could get any more textbook, either. Well done, Todd! For your tail grab ­proficiency, Jobe will be rewarding you with the Breach that we tested for our ­Editor's Pick. Enjoy!WBM
2016 Jobe wakeboards
The Jobe BreachWBM

Check out the Runners-Up!

Are you stumped on how to make your tail grab look good? Here are a few good suggestions. Pretty entertaining, fellas! Keep it up!

Tail grab wakeboarding
Cameron HaddenWBM
Tail grab wakeboarding
Kenneth C. RussellWBM
Tail grab wakeboarding
Madis BachmannWBM