Supreme “More Fun to Have Fun” Boat Show Promotion

Supreme “More Fun to Have Fun”Supreme

Looking to purchase a premium towboat as well as the best deal this winter at your local boat show? The Supreme "More Fun to Have Fun" promotion is a deal that will get you into a Supreme boat loaded with what you need to maximize your fun.

By purchasing a 2017 Supreme this show season through the “More Fun to Have Fun” Boat Show deal you get a towboat equipped with QuickFill, QuickSurf and the Stinger Wake Plate all while saving $3,000.

With a deposit placed at your local boat show or with your nearest Supreme Boats dealer and a purchase confirmed within two weeks of that deposit, you can realize $3,000 in savings.

Take advantage of the Supreme “More Fun to Have Fun” promotion at a boat show near you or head in to see your local Supreme Boats Dealer today.