Supra Boats PWT – Stop 4

The Pro Wakeboard Tour comes to a close with another epic finals matchup
Nic Rapa boosting behind the SA 550
Nic Rapa boosting behind the SA 550. Also, there was pizza. Garrett Cortese

The final stop of the 2019 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour season went off in Boise, Idaho over the weekend, and with it came a new overall champ. With sunny, blue skies and a mild breeze, Broadside Harbor Lakes played epic host for the day. Two private lakes makeup the venue, which allowed the contest to take place on one, while demos were held on the other. Fans were treated to up-close-and-personal viewing of the action, while riders were treated to epic wakes from the Supra SA 550, thanks to the lake’s depth. The riders took advantage of the conditions and put on a heck of show to all who came from the Boise area to see them in person.

Cory Teunissen racking up a second win
Cory Teunissen en route to his second victory of the season. Garrett Cortese
Nic Rapa boosts to his first overall title
While Nic Rapa didn’t ride as well as he would have liked at the final stop of the season, he still sealed the deal on his first overall PWT title, which was his goal going into the year. Garrett Cortese

Entering the weekend, Nic Rapa had a firm lead on the overall title and he ultimately sealed the deal by making it into the semifinals, but that didn’t mean nobody else was focused on taking home the final victory of the year. In another epic finals, all the riders threw down and made the judges work hard to figure out the podium. Cory Teunissen (see his winning run below) lead the way, again relying on his unbelievably consistent switch toeside 1080 to separate himself from the pack.

The second and third spots were especially tight between Shota Tezuka and Mike Dowdy. Dowdy has perfected his version of a wrapped Pete Rose, using it to stand out amongst the other riders, while Tezuka’s amplitude and ever-smooth riding continued to propel him on one of his best competitive seasons ever.

Mike Dowdy pumped after his finals run
Mike Dowdy was pumped after his finals run, which ultimately landed him in third place. Dowdy finished the season 4th overall in points – an impressive effort in his first season back after last year’s knee injury. Garrett Cortese
PWT Boise podium
The PWT Boise podium: 1st – Corey Teunissen / 2nd – Shota Tezuka / 3rd – Mike Dowdy. Garrett Cortese
Nic Rapa smiling after his win
Rapa was all smiles – and a sigh of relief – after being given the guitar trophy for the overall PWT title. Garrett Cortese

More than any other rider this year, Nic Rapa relied on his deep bag of tricks and unbelievable consistency to stay ahead of the pack. After just missing out on the overall PWT title the last two seasons, the young Australian has achieved his goal and added his name to one of the most distinguished lists in the sport. Rapa was appreciative of the moment, and took the time to thank the fans who showed up to watch. As was the case last year, the overall podium for the 2019 was another Aussie sweep, with Teunissen taking 2nd and Tony Iacconi locking up 3rd. Given the strong showings from the likes of Dowdy, Tezuka, Tyler Higham, Noah Flegel and others over the season, the Australians will have their work cut out for them in 2020 if they want to keep up the dominance.

Sam Brown captured the Rookie of the Year title
Sam Brown is just 16, but a more-than-solid season helped him finish 7th overall and earn PWT Rookie of the Year honors. Garrett Cortese

Of course, the boys from Down Under have another young, impressive weapon on their side – the 2019 PWT Rookie of the Year, Sam Brown. This was Brown’s first full year on the PWT and he managed to finish 7th overall. Needless to say, the future is bright for the 16-year-old.

All this adds up to a fun, extremely competitive, action-packed future for the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour. Stay tuned!


Here are the final rankings for the 2019 PWT

Rank Athlete PWT#1 PWT#2 PWT#3 PWT#4 Total
1 Nic Rapa 100 90 100 70 360
2 Cory Teunissen 75 100 60 100 335
3 Tony Iacconi 90 80 75 75 320
4 Mike Dowdy 60 65 70 80 275
5 Shota Tezuka 80 51 51 90 272
6 Tyler Higham 70 60 80 35 245
7 Sam Brown 51 60 60 60 231
8 Massi Piffaretti 65 75 65 NA 205
9 Noah Flegel NA 51 90 60 201
10 Harley Clifford 60 70 NA 65 195