Supra Boats PWT - The 2019 SA 550

Take a look inside this year's custom boat that will pull all the action

We don't know what the phrase "a site for sore eyes" really means, but we know the 2019 Supra Boats PWT edition SA 550 definitely applies.Rutledge

As we get ready for the first stop of the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour this weekend in Houston, Texas, let's take a look at the boat that makes all the insanity possible: The SA 550. As it has for every year it's pulled the PWT, Supra's gone and outdone themselves with this year's custom boat. With a heavy does of matte black contrasted against the vibrant red interior, this SA 550 is screaming. Team Supra rider and official driver of the PWT, Trevor Hansen, will walk you through it.