Super Surf'R Patent

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (April 12, 2016)Wake WorX founders Scott and MaryKate Wood have just been awarded US Patent #9,315,235 for their "Wake Adjustment System for Boats" called the Super Surf'R Tab System.

Super Surf’R tabs have been offered for the past eighteen months on many of the country’s most well-known boat brands. Brands like Bryant, Chaparral, FourWinns, Gekko, Monterey, Regal and Starcraft have selected these tabs for their new Wake Surfing lines and licensing agreements are in the works with some major inboard manufacturers.

Thanks to the patented design, these tabs are able to fit on most inboard tow boats and are now being made available in a complete aftermarket kit. Everything needed to install these state of the art wake surf tabs in one box, now ready for dealer or do-it-yourself installation, at just $2995 for the complete kit.

Wake WorX also produces the most efficient and easy to use after-market ballast pump systems for wake sports boats in the world. Their Super Sac'R Wakesports Pump System is the only “Three-in-One” wakesports pump system, combining the function of a ballast pump, wash-down pump and auxiliary bilge pump in one easy to use package. They also offer a complete line of ballast pump systems for adding additional ballast to your boat.

Additionally, Wake WorX developed and sells the only “Tested and Approved” Aquatic Invasive Species Filter System, these filters prevent aquatic invasive species such as Zebra and Quagga Mussels from entering your ballast tanks and then being transported to other lakes. Mussel Mast’R equipped boats can pass the ballast decontamination stations and be treated like any other non-ballast equipped boat. “Be part of the solution, stop aquatic hitchhikers!”

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