Wakeskating Legend Thomas Horell Reviews the Latest Video by Water Monsters “6@7”

Check out 14 minutes of amazing wakeskating footage.

Video by: Andrew Pastura, Cole Kraiss, Maxime Giry, Jan Kissman

While Covid-19 was messing with the rest of the world, the guys from Water Monsters did something to the CWC park in the Philippines, called 6@7. Cole Kraiss, Maxime Giry, and Andrew Pastura are good, not little good, like exceptionally good at wakeskating.

Flip tricks out of front bluntslides? Okay. Backside tailslide down a 20 foot rail 270 front shuv out? Sure. Back tail bigspin out down a hubba? No problem. Front tailslide to kickflip out on a straight ledge over a drop? Why not.


The opening clip of Andrew kickflipping out of a boardslide on a round pipe with about an 8 foot drop kind of sets the tone even before the other mind melting ensues. Cole Kraiss kickflips then frontside flips over a handrail most people wouldn’t even think of ollieing on a wakeskate in the first shots. Andrew front bluntslide 270′s out in the intro and Maxime Giry lands an indy backside 180 that’s absolutely massive.

Andrew kickflip boardslides and kickflip backside lipslides a long downrail to shuv out looking like he’s done it a million times, cause he has, that’s what he does, and it’s not a big deal for him.

The Cole 3 trick line of kickflip to frontside wall ride to backside flip looks effortless and is filmed really well. The early grab transfers’, fingerflips, and the just casual vibe that Cole has makes him really fun to watch.


Maxime has so much natural ability on a wakeskate that doing things that seem impossible he makes look easy, or that he’s done before already. His board control is incredible, and he’s just beyond good.

It’s 14 minutes of jaw dropping wakeskating, edited and shot really well, and the soundtrack is good. As good as these guys are, they don’t take themselves too seriously and a brief montage of debauchery with fireworks and friends show that. There’s some time lapse artsy stuff that Drew throws in to break things up between the mind numbing hammers that these guys are putting down that i always enjoy about the WM videos.

If there was ever a wakeskater of the decade award, that would go to Drew Pastura. Seriously, no one has innovated or pushed it’s boundaries more. Wakeskating is beyond what most of us could conceive and it’s because of hard work put into videos like 6@7 from the Water Monsters guys.


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