Space Tapes – The Live Viewings

64 wake videos from the global online contest make their debut.
Space Tapes livestream
The Space Tapes entries – all 64 of them – were debuted over the weekend via livestream parties with the Space Mob crew. Space Mob

For the month of September, 64 teams that signed up for Space Tapes, the coolest contest of the year (and possibly ever), worked to create their team’s videos. Over the weekend, the Space Mob crew, creators of the contest and the official judges, debuted all 64 of them via a YouTube livestream. None of them had watched any of the edits beforehand, so all the reactions were in real time and totally authentic. What resulted was over 12 hours of pure wake entertainment that showcased the global reach and creativity of not just wakeboarding, but anything with a handle. You can watch each of the livestream “parties” here. Stay tuned for individual edits to be released in the coming days. Also, stay tuned to for a “Fan Favorite” vote on the best Space Tapes edit, as well as a “Best Trick.”

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3