Space Tapes – The Awards Show

The winners are announced for biggest contest of the year.

The Space Tapes results are in! Watch now to see who won all the awards from the biggest and best contest of 2020!

First Impression Award – presented by STZ

Team Perfect Landing

Best Edited Award – presented by Buywake

Team West


Gnarliest Bail – presented by ProTec

Katinka Buiting – Space Mates

Best Unit Hack – presented by Unit Park Tech

Space Mates

Space Queen – presented by Sesitec

Claudia Pagnini – Team Madonna


Handle Trickery – presented by Follow

Trent Stuckey – Team Bangerz

Super Grom – presented by Slingshot

Liam Brearley – Feed the Dawgs

The Axis Award – presented by Axis Wake (best boat trick)

Massi Piffaretti – Team Stallions


Workhorse Award – presented by Motowinch

Los Maleantes

Space Mob VWC Vacation Award

Team Lack Und Lederhosen

Best Winch Hit – presented by Vadatek

Felix Georgii – Team Booga What


Best Trick Award – presented by Wakeboarding Mag

Clement Depremoville – Team Booga What

5th Overall – $1,000 Prize

Team Perfect Landing

4th Overall – $1,500 Prize

The Stallions

3rd Overall – $2,500 Prize

Team West

2nd Overall – $4,000

Feed the Dawgs

1st Overall – $5,000

The Cosmic Cahoots