Seven Must-See Videos from Space Tapes

Watch some insane creativity and unbelievable riding in these Space Tapes edits.

Space Tapes videos of wakeboarding
There were 69 video entries in the 2020 Space Tapes contest, here are seven you need to watch right now! Courtesy Space Tapes

Space Tapes was easily the biggest wake contest of 2020, possibly ever. With 74 teams signed up, comprising of over 300 riders from all corners of the globe, 69 were able to complete their video and be part of the contest. That right there is noteworthy and mind-boggling, in and of itself. All of the videos can now be viewed on the Space Mob YouTube page. For now, we’ve pulled seven videos we think you need to watch. From stylish riding out in California to rolling cars in Estonia, there is a ton of killer action, mind-blowing creativity and progressive riding that will get you stoked. Check them out and then go watch all the others! Stay tuned for the Space Tapes Award Show and a Fan Favorite vote here soon!

Team – Madonna

Riders: Loic Deschaeaux, Emanuele Pagnini, Claudia Pagnini, Steven Bossini, Michael Bossini

Team – The Stallions

Riders: Maurizio Marassi, Massi Piffaretti, Riccardo DeTollis, Leonardo Gatti


Team West

Riders: Hayden Berg, Trever Maur, Keaton Bowlby, Josh Twelker, Michael Belligan

Team – Perfect Landing

Riders: Simon Pettai, Martin Bachmann, Narko Malsub, Kadri Mets

Team – Booga What

Riders: Felix Georgii, Dom Hernler, Paul Bichet, Clem Depremonville, Maxime Giry


Team – Lack Und Lederhosn

Riders: Steffen Vollert, Samy Kautner, Yanneck Konda, Tobias Michel, Marvin Langner

Team – Los Maleantes

Riders: Terry Bailey, Yannick Paton, Nico Gogol, Mitch Wise, Matty Muncey


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