Sessions – Bear Day at Valdosta Wake Compound

Space Mob, Copycats and others spend a day shredding and goofing in epic fashion

November 20, 2019 was Bear Day. So the crew at Valdosta Wake Compound did the smart thing and hung out with the baddest bear around: the 2019 Wake Awards Photographer of the Year, Bryan “Golden Bear” Soderlind. While video might be king these days, there is something special about freezing a moment in time via still photo. Fortunately, Bear is smarter than the average bear, and the crew decided to mix the two into one project. Below you’ll see not only the action-packed and fun-filled photos, but also the video – with the photos integrated into the motion aspect. It is a unique look at the unique styles of the Space Mob crew, and what makes VWC an iconic wake park.

2020 Cover Up with Dary Znebel
Dary Znebel found himself hand-dragging across Bear’s classic Thunderbird, and onto the first Cover Up of 2020. Bryan Soderlind
Wes Jacobsen with the Space Mob board
Wes Jacobsen with the Space Mob board from Slingshot and some custom nubs for epic blunt slides like this. Bryan Soderlind
Quinn Silvernale ripping
Quinn Silvernale: fully dressed for some dirty work. Bryan Soderlind
Sina Fuchs on the rail
Sina Fuchs holding her own on VWC’s unique rail setups. Bryan Soderlind
Quinn Silvernale hand-drag
Up close and personal with Quinn Silvernale’s hand-drag. Bryan Soderlind
Constanza Scaglia tail-sliding
Constanza Scaglia tail-sliding through VWC. Bryan Soderlind
Wes Jacobson powersliding
Powersliding with Wes. Bryan Soderlind
Dary Znebel trimming the grass
Lawn maintenance at VWC is different than most other places. Dary Znebel helps with the upkeep. Bryan Soderlind
Wes Jacobson slide
Wes pressing out the tail end of the unique Space Mob board. Bryan Soderlind
Dary and the T-Bird #1.
Dary and the T-Bird #1. Bryan Soderlind
Dary and the T-Bird #2.
Dary and the T-Bird #2. Bryan Soderlind
Dary and the T-Bird #3.
Dary and the T-Bird #3. Bryan Soderlind
Dary and the T-Bird #4.
Dary and the T-Bird #4. Bryan Soderlind
Space Mob at night
Space Mob: take us to your leader. Bryan Soderlind
VWC in the morning
Dawn patrol at VWC. Bryan Soderlind
Birds on a wire
Gone to the birds. Bryan Soderlind

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