Cara Italia - Massi Piffaretti in His Homeland

The Italian icon closes out the wakeboarding season with a bang.

Massi Piffaretti is one of the most iconic riders of his generation, both on the water and off. He’s got a style and skill level that is distinctly his own, and over the years he’s continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible, as well as what looks cool. Tweaked out grabs between the legs back in style? Massi. Never-been-done rewind variations? Massi. Fast shades and bad mustaches? Massi.

Massi Piffaretti closed out the season on his home waters of Lake Como.Dave AV

Of course, what makes Massi stand out even more are his Italian roots and his “Pizza Boy” personality. So when acclaimed videographer Dave AV hit us up to let us know he could get a flight from the UK to Italy for dirt cheap back in October, we told him he had to go. “Cara Italia” is the result, and as the Italians like to say, it’s “molto bene.”

Lake Como provided an incredible backdrop for some amazing riding.Dave AV

Big thanks to Ronix and Malibu for helping make this project happen.