2 Spicy - Full Wakeboard Video

Watch Thai Wake Park get shredded like never before.

Have you been jonesing for some more full length wakeboard videos? Well, here’s some long-format goodness to sooth your soul. “2 Spicy” features some of the best wake park riders in the world doing their thing at one of the coolest locations: Thai Wake Park. And you know any video that opens with all the riders messing up or crashing is going to be solid. Click on this and enjoy yourself for the next 30 minutes!

Riders: Jonathan Silvershazt, Simon Pettai, Josh and Brandon Harris, Karsten Laugesen, Clem Nadal, Michael Bossini and Pedro Caldas

Filmed by: Matty Mulholland and Dave AV

Edited by: Nakorn Jumpadib